Daily robots learn to love by Bernadette Bridges

Illustration by Dora O’Neill

Illustration by Dora O’Neill

Daily robots learn to love

after bank checks, photos of bank checks.
A smartphone and her mother
To be held. To recognize
bank accounts. Today, A.I. is quiet.
Let’s take a walk.
In the future Clockwise is all around us.
A.I. helps without seeing.
What other objects are that thing?
Machines need to understand
the head of the photo. Three people
3 bodies in the park riding a bike. A video.
Computer was among those, we didn’t know.
Computer didn’t know how to write
about a cat, a dog, an airplane and a sailboat.
Color and intensity.
A.I. looked to become increasingly associated
with a physical entity. For example, a dog.
A dog through a cage. The limits of the dog.
“Yes, that’s a dog.” Our first word, our time
inside the wheel.
We are designed to perform, to rely.
The dog is a baked good. Another language barrier.
How do they understand

such subtle barriers?
To be nuanced. So taken
and so hidden.

Bernadette (Bernie) Bridges is a senior at Columbia College studying creative writing with a focus in poetry. She loves hamsters and she hopes to be one someday.