Deliquesce by Anton Zhou

Deliquesce is 20" x 16", oil. Frailty and the interplay of push and pull factors in our lives. Part of a series.

Pink by Sadie Kramer

Pink is digitally drawn with background “doodles” first and then overlaid with the girl.

Reverie by Anton Zhou

Reverie is 30" x 24", mixed media. This piece dissects the layers of human identity and the spontaneity of our interaction with external forces. A friend modeled for this piece.

Inner Circle by Sadie Kramer

Inner Circle is separately, digitally drawn four girls, then pieced together.

Lose Yourself by Anton Zhou

Lose Yourself is 24" x 18" oil on canvas and is a message on human fragility and swirling emotions; figure study.

Tessa by Sadie Kramer

Tessa is oil on canvas.

In Tandem by Jessica Rose Jackson

In Tandem is acrylic on canvas.

This piece was first published in Quarto's Spring 2017 edition.

Scrawl by Haley So

Scrawl is 14" x 20" mixed media, meant to evoke a certain power from the imperfections, the scrappiness, and the scrawls of life. 

This piece was first published in Quarto's Spring 2017 edition.  

Swoosh by Anton Zhou

Swoosh is 20" x 16" oil on canvas and embodies the idea of darkness consuming or tugging at us, in a way that extracts from our body a sense of identity.

Reparation and Resuscitation
by Laura Elizabeth Hand

Reparation and Resuscitation is 10" x 12" scratchboard, watercolor, and white paint and features a young woman performing CPR to resuscitate a collapsed figure.

This piece was first published in Quarto's Spring 2017 edition.  

Pops by Naomi Basu

Pops is 36” x 28” oil on canvas. The model is the artist's father and is portrayed next to a doll house.

Seasonal Allergies by Jessica Rose Jackson

Seasonal Allergies is acrylic on canvas and was first published as the cover of Quarto's Spring 2017 edition. 

Stevie by Sara Samuel

Stevie is 18" x 24" acrylic on canvas. Painted from a photograph of Stevie Nicks. 

Cab Driver by Nick DiCostanzo

Cab Driver is 16” x 24” oil on canvas and is painted from life. The model is a New York City taxi driver and artist.

Mannequin II by Nick DiCostanzo

Mannequin II is 16” x 24” oil on canvas and is a synthetic cubist work that represents a still life of an apple, a bottle and a mannequin.