hello childhood best friend by Teresa Deely

Overall winner of the 2018-2019 Thunderdome contest. View the video prompt here.

who am i you vomit you are single now your existentialism feels cheap

you text your childhood best friend she is a rewind a second chance you were so happy you loved you believed you stopped time feels lost so do you

who am i who are my friends what is my life these questions are difficult now they always were no yes you just think more now and you think until it hurts and now you think it just hurts it hurts

childhood best friend hello i have dreams about you sometimes i hope that is not weird i am alone now doesn’t this feel sincere i became what i thought someone wanted me to be i was happy until i realized i wasn’t hello childhood best friend i am an adult now i do not know how to make friends what is your favorite color let’s be friends hello childhood best friend i am very alone now you seem happy we didn’t fight we grew apart you still live five minutes away what chasm i don’t see one hello childhood best friend let’s be friends again i don’t have many of them these days hello childhood best friend my life was my partner was my best friend was me now i am alone again hello childhood best friend please respond are you there there you are not where hello i am alone did you change your phone number what about facebook

hello childhood best friend you told me you would always be there for me i am waiting there now please hurry let me know when you get there childhood best friend see you there childhood best friend my subconscious will keep you warm in my dreams for now childhood best friend childhood childhood childhood