Reducing Your Carbon Footprint by The Quarto Staff

Here at Quarto, we’re always having conversations about how to be better humans and how to help the Earth that suffers at the hands of so many human and corporate forces. Below is a list of the ways our editors reduce their carbon footprints in their daily lives in order to be more environmentally friendly:

We want to know what our readers do to be more environmentally friendly as well. Please write to us @columbiaquarto on Insta & Twitter!

Illustration by Charlie Blodnieks

Illustration by Charlie Blodnieks

  • I always bring my own travel mug and water bottle to dining halls/restaurants/coffee shops where I regularly purchase food!

  • I put my food scraps in a brown paper bag in my freezer/fridge and compost them at the farmer's market on Broadway! (Thursdays 8 a.m.-3 p.m. & Sundays 8 a.m.-1 p.m.!)

  • I reduce my single use plastics by not taking plastic utensils/straws from restaurants and try to reduce my consumption of plastic-packaged foods!

  • I ask for no lid at Dig Inn and Sweetgreen!

  • I floss with string floss instead of the small, plastic picks!

  • I talk with my friends and on-campus communities about how we can make environmentally friendly decisions as consumers! (Like reducing consumption of meat & plastic!)

  • I write my representatives in Congress to urge them to support legislation that increases regulation of the corporations that contribute to the majority of fossil fuel emissions!

  • Recycle!

  • My long-term goal is to generate zero waste. Working toward that, I use bamboo toothbrushes, buy toiletries that come in recyclable/compostable packaging, use reusable produce bags for fruit/veg, and try to bring my own cutlery to dining halls. I'm also trying to be more conscious about where I buy my clothes from and what items I buy. Oh and I eat a vegan diet!

  • I turn lights off in public spaces (like dorm bathrooms or lounges) when they aren't being used. I carry a reusable bag and water bottle. I am trying to start waste-free Wednesdays!

  • I requested an extra bin from Hartley so I can separate my plastics/glass from paper products more easily!  

  • Use glass tupperware, ceramic plates, and metal silverware to diminish plastic use.

  • I always use a reusable water bottle, and I try and be aware of my heat and water use.

  • I am conscious of how much water I run and turn off the sink when I'm not actively using it!

  • Reduce plastic use!

  • Cut out animal products! Know where your food comes from!

  • Pay attention to climate policy and become an earth activist!

  • Walk barefoot in the grass and be thankful for all this planet does for us!