Emma Tueller Stone

is a sophomore and English major in CC. When she isn't procrastinating homework by working on Quarto, she enjoys baking bread, smelling old books, and admiring her typewriter.


Priyanka Mariwala

is a CC junior majoring in English Literature. She enjoys absurdly competitive board games, perfectly ripe avocados, and sunset runs (more like strolls) in Riverside Park.

Managing Editors


Emily Burns

is a senior in Columbia College majoring in English and concentrating in French and Art History, and seeks primarily to upend the Austenian drawing room for which these disciplines have prepared her. She hopes one day to recreate the Elton John tour bus scene from Almost Famous.


Flannery James

is a junior in CC majoring in creative writing and environmental biology. She has eleven roommates, all of which are plants. When she grows up she wants to be the wolf-girl from Princess Mononoke.

Art & Layout Editors

Michelle Huang

is a sophomore in CC majoring in Art History and Financial Economics. She hopes to become the next great American landscape painter, but she plans on leaving her paintings camouflaged in the wilderness. She loves exploring rocks, so much so that her fingers have acquired a similar texture. She enjoys night jogs, and when she's not painting or climbing, she's baking banana bread.


Eileen Gao

is a first-year SEAS student, presumably majoring in some form of engineering (unless she decides to pursue a degree in art instead). She wishes to spend her time reading and drinking tea in a fancy mansion, but will most likely spend the remainder of her life attempting to pay off her tuition. She has never finished writing anything except for a short story about a prophetic flying pig.


Rachel Page

is a freshman in Columbia College. Besides writing and watching InDesign tutorials, her hobbies include spending copious amounts of time scrolling through every NYC food Instagram and stealing M&Ms from John Jay. 


Hannah Cho

is a sophomore in CC majoring in English and Hispanic Studies. She grew up traveling.

IMG_9994 (1).JPG

Akash Singh

is a freshman in Columbia College with a thing for languages and art. He enjoys ripping open disposable cameras to remove their film canisters, graphic design with obscene amounts of white space, and photosynthesis.

Website Editors

Emily Clagett

is a senior in Columbia College majoring in English and Comparative Literature. She has a passion for trashy horror movies, Indian food, and Roald Dahl. Catch her on the corner of 114th and Broadway, chasing dogs.


Samantha Caveny

is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature and Society. Robert Frost is her favorite poet, largely because he is from her beautiful home state of New Hampshire, which she will never stop talking about. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys cooking paleo desserts and exploring the city.

Social Media Editors

Anna Lokey

is a CC sophomore studying philosophy and political science. Her favorite things include (but not limited to) floral prints, pad thai, yellow backpacks, pink sweaters, and candles under five dollars that don't smell entirely disgusting. As a self-proclaimed social media connoisseur, you can follow her @annalokey.


Nia Judelson

is a junior at Barnard studying English and Political Science. She is from Brooklyn, NY. In her free time, Nia can be found baking chocolate chip cookies and re-watching episodes of The West Wing.

Community Outreach Editor

Antoine Karsenty

is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Creative Writing and Economics. He has once expressed his desire to be a mosquito so as to see the world from the other side. He was promptly squashed.

Events Editors

Irina Teveleva

is a Columbia College senior from Amherst, MA, majoring in English. She likes pear tarts, sad love poems, and when flocks of pigeons all fly together up Broadway.


Alison Peebles

is a sophomore in CC who is studying English! I’m out here trying to be the kind of person who has two eggs for breakfast, reads the New Yorker and runs for pleasure. I also enjoy listening to Chance the Rapper and reading about the ethics of food production and spending time with my family in New Jersey. I’m also probably procrastinating by manifesting my best life via the visual wonder that is Pinterest.


Lauren Diaz

is a senior in CC majoring in creative writing.   She enjoys impulse tattoos, cracking her joints, and Ikea shopping excursions.  Though she is a self-proclaimed dog person, she owns a dog-like cat and finds it quite confusing.

Staff Editors

Priya Pai

is a freshman in Columbia College planning to major in English Literature and Computer Science. She loves her beagle more than most people, adores quirky socks, and appreciates a good cup of coffee. In the future, she hopes to travel as much as she can and write mediocre poetry along the way. (P.S. Come talk to her! She likes listening.)


Sidney Renaud Eberly

is a first-year in CC who likes people, places, and things. Often mistaken for a robot by sites due to her inability to solve those new picture captchas. Not a robot, as far as she knows.


Cameron Lee

is a first-year in Columbia College and she hopes to major in Creative Writing and Visual Art. In her free time she draws a lot, watches every single TV show about superheroes, waves to dogs she sees on the street, and eats too much peanut butter. She aspires to one day be the female protagonist in a young adult fantasy novel.


Kim Chia

is a freshman in SEAS hoping to eventually, after many long future years, become a pediatrician. She loves to watch The Office, Shameless, and Grey's Anatomy with her free time, as well as play Spikeball.


Armando León

is a senior majoring in history at Columbia College.  In his free time, he enjoys writing, learning to code, and blogging. His two loves in life are good history books and writing paragraph-long footnotes.


Elizabeth Merrigan

is a freshman in CC who hails from the Garden State but has trouble merging on highways. She also needs to drink more water. But between these outstanding qualities, she enjoys writing poetry and reading anything that makes her wince (in a good way).


Angelo Hernandez-Sias

is a first-year in CC likely majoring in English literature and creative writing. He enjoys writing stories, making beats, and recording hip hop songs, which can be found on his website,


Wells Hamilton

is from Nashville, Tennessee and will be attending Columbia College this year and probably the year after that. He has several hobbies and a few interests. His favorite form of literature is graffiti written mostly on bathroom mirrors. He thinks Quarto is swell and will only continue getting sweller. 


Zhaneque Craig

is a junior in CC studying Psychology with an interest in philosophy. Despite being a native New Yorker, Zhaneque is a known anglophile who prefers the London Tube to the NYC Subway. When she’s not writing poetry or sleeping, she enjoys playing video games as her cat, Squeaky, sits curled on her lap.


Anny Son

is a junior in CC majoring in English Literature and Human Rights. She loves to read, write, listen to music, talk to and pet all passing dogs on the street. Her spirit animal is Lame Selfie Bee on Tumblr (highly relatable and humorous even if you aren't as painfully awkward). While her favorite books are Victorian, French existentialist, and dystopians, she will not discriminate when it comes to books and will read everything. Her dream is to travel around the world and visit all the different libraries.


Amber Paulen

spent the majority of the last decade living in Italy before moving to New York City to study creative writing at Columbia's School of General Studies. Her writing can be found around the internet and on her website


Mira Baum

is a first year in CC. She's passionate about Harry Potter, feminism, poetry, and coffee, and has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with her life.


Philip Grayson

is constantly vibrating, occasionally confused, and, once in a blue moon, quiet. He is a sophomore pursuing an English major at Columbia College, and is inordinately proud of his growing number of grey hairs. He hails from Fairfield, CT, where he has amassed a treasure trove of trashy YA paranormal romance.


Kevin Chauq

peaked in high school and it's all going downhill from here. He is a current Columbia College junior and a future starving artist. The "q" is silent and also imaginary. Kevin will save the world with his bad poetry about colonialism and anal sex--join him.


Andy Haas

is a sophomore in CC majoring in Creative Writing and English. He is from Jupiter, Florida.