Quarto's Spring 2017 Print Edition


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Alternatively, you are more than welcome to pick up a free copy of Quarto's Spring 2017 Print Edition in the undergraduate creative writing office in 609 Kent Hall.


Editor's Note

It is intimidating to write about the writing process right now— we’ve spent the past few months hearing about how the arts, and especially writing, are under attack. While working on our 2017 Print Edition, we have been incredibly grateful to see that in our small corner of publishing, that is not true. Our writers have tackled difficult questions of personal perception, national identity, loss, heartbreak, and fear, yet they have also expressed hope, power, and compassion in ways we could not have anticipated when we were chosen as editors last spring.

Because our voices can’t express this as well as our writers, instead of writing about writing, we want to say how lucky we feel to have been a part of Quarto. It has been humbling to be a part of this community, to put together this publication, and to get to work with all of you. By providing a platform for Columbia’s incredible undergraduate voices, we hope to offer our community fresh, diverse perspectives on navigating a changing political landscape and understanding our roles here better.

We are tremendously proud of you - for writing, for reading, and for creating the Columbia’s creative community, which we have come to call home. Each month, we are as thrilled to see new faces at Quarto readings as we are to recognize familiar ones. Reading your work has made us laugh, break down, and even changed how we see the world. In this edition, we are excited to share the incredible pieces we have heard, read, and seen this year. Welcome to Quarto’s Spring 2017 Print Edition.

Yours always,
Emma Tueller Stone and Priyanka Mariwala
Editors in Chief