Quarto is the undergraduate literary magazine of Columbia University’s Creative Writing Department. It is a student-run magazine that publishes the best of Columbia’s undergraduate writers from all four of Columbia’s undergraduate colleges. The Creative Writing Department provides support and a faculty advisor to the magazine, though the editorial board has representatives from departments across campus.

Quarto is dedicated to renewal—to changing formats and editorial boards and exploring new opportunities to recognize writers—all in the effort to keep up with the ever-changing literary landscape on campus, and to give each magazine a fresh voice. Quarto was created in 1948 and housed in the School of General Studies. In 1998, the magazine expanded to serve the entire undergraduate writing community. In 2007, with the creation of the Creative Writing Department, the magazine found its current home in an environment dedicated to craft and excellence in writing.

Quarto has published Pulitzer Prize winners, the US Poet Laureate Louise Glück, best-selling authors such as Kim Wozencraft, successful playwrights like Adam Szymkowicz, poets, screenwriters, and art critics. Members of its editorial staff have gone on to start their own literary magazines and some, like Edwidge Dandicat, have found literary success themselves.

What never changes is Quarto's dedication to find the best undergraduate writing at Columbia—and the proof can be seen every year printed in its pages.

The Quarto archives can be accessed here. The most recent issue of Quarto can be read here.



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Alison Peebles

is a junior in Columbia College who is studying English! She's out here trying to be the kind of person who has two eggs for breakfast, reads the New Yorker and runs for pleasure. She also enjoys listening to Chance the Rapper and reading about the ethics of food production and spending time with her family in New Jersey. She's also probably procrastinating by manifesting her best life via the visual wonder that is Pinterest.

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Samantha Caveny

is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature and Society. Robert Frost is her favorite poet, largely because he is from her beautiful home state of New Hampshire. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys cooking paleo desserts and exploring the city.

Managing Editors

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Andy Haas

is a is a junior in CC majoring in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Classics. He is from Jupiter, Florida.


Elizabeth Merrigan

is a sophomore in CC who hails from the Garden State but has trouble merging on highways. She also needs to drink more water. But between these outstanding qualities, she enjoys reading and writing poetry and journalistic pieces.

Art & Design Editors

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Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in either Creative Writing or English. She is excellent at going into Barnes & Noble for only one thing and leaving with a dozen new books, several sketchbooks, and an iced coffee. She is most likely in her room drinking vanilla chamomile tea and listening to Chance the Rapper in Harry Potter footie socks she bought at Target.

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Dora O'Neill

Head of Design for Publication

is a freshman in Columbia who hopes to major in English and Visual Arts. Her favorite place in the city is The Whitney's terrace. She spends her time writing, riding the one train, and contemplating the briefest response to "where are you from?"

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Eileen Gao

Eileen Gao is a sophomore in SEAS majoring in Electrical Engineering. She enjoys drawing, reading, playing board games and tinkering with things.

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Karina Blodnieks

is a generally confused person. She loves brooding almost as much as she loves Bee Movie. She is unsure as to whether her intended major of philosophy will make her more or less confused. 

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Katie Mimini

is a CC junior majoring in Political Science and Philosophy who is constantly wrapped in the throes of a quarter-life crisis, asking where all the years have gone at the ripe age of 20. When she’s not lurking around the Ferris pizza station for a fresh slice of pepperoni, she likes to skulk around Ref Room in Butler hunting for a seat and wondering if a man is really “but what he knoweth.”

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Lily Ha

Head of Design for PR

is a freshman in Columbia College. She will likely major in something that would require her to know what a mitochondria is. In her free time she enjoys making ravioli, avoiding the gym, and admiring strangers' tattoos. 

Video Editor

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Kyra Chen

is a freshman majoring in Film Studies and Computer Science. She is from Taiwan. You can spot her around campus as a little girl with a big camera. She’s always down to get in a heated debate about television. She will compose theme songs for anyone who wants one. 

Website Editors

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Priya Pai

is a sophomore majoring in English Literature and Computer Science. She is proudly from Sugar Land, Texas, a town named after its sugar factory. She adores her 10-year-old, chubby beagle and appreciates a good cup of coffee. In the future, she hopes to travel as much as she can and write mediocre poetry along the way. 

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Priyanka Mariwala

is a senior in Columbia College studying English and Psychology. She is from Bombay, India. She can usually be found collecting letterpress posters, making her way through short story collections, or figuring out the best way to drink loose-leaf tea without a strainer. 

Social Media Editor

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Philip Grayson

is constantly vibrating, occasionally confused, and, once in a blue moon, quiet. He is a junior pursuing an English major at Columbia College, and is inordinately proud of his growing number of grey hairs. He hails from Fairfield, CT, where he has amassed a treasure trove of trashy YA paranormal romance.

Events Chair

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Emma Tueller Stone

is a junior majoring in English and Biological Anthropology. When she isn't procrastinating homework by working on Quarto, she enjoys baking bread, smelling old books, and admiring her typewriter.

Staff Editors

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Catherine Valdez

is a junior in CC majoring in creative writing and psychology. When she isn't writing, she enjoys book binding, embroidering her own journal covers, and reading graphic novels.  

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Hannah Liberman

is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Creative Writing. She is from a tiny mountain town in the Southwestern corner of Colorado. Hobbies include: Climbing mountains and sleeping in the desert, playing guitar and singing folk songs, reading good books, drawing, long walks and runs, traveling, and writing. 

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Jack Becker

is a first-year in CC studying Creative Writing. Originally from New York City, Jack enjoys theatre, words, and Anglican Chant. Some of his favorite authors are Hanya Yanagihara, Arundhati Roy, and Isaac Oliver. 

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Neeraj Ramachandran

Neeraj Ramachandran (Staff Writer) is a sophomore in Columbia College. Some of his favorite works of art are Kill Bill (both volumes), Amy Winehouse's cover of the Beatles' All My Loving, and the painting "Gas" by Edward Hopper. He is planning to major in Linguistics. 

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Tova Ricardo

is a Columbia College freshman from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, hoping to major in English Literature and Sociology. Tova is a spoken word poet who aspires to write a book and be an educator who explores the intersections of poetry and social liberation through artistic expression and pedagogy.

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Viviana Prado-Núñez

was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in a hospital with a 4.0 Google review rating and a view of the ocean. She has never seen Star Wars, eaten a grasshopper, or fallen in love, though she hopes to do all three of those things in the future. Her novel, The Art of White Roses, is the winner of the 2017 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

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Zhaneque Craig

is a senior in CC studying Psychology. She can be found wandering in bookstores and mumbling T.S Eliot. When she's not writing poetry or watching obscure period dramas, she enjoys playing video games as her cat, Squeaky, sits curled on her lap.


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Editor's Note

It is intimidating to write about the writing process right now— we’ve spent the past few months hearing about how the arts, and especially writing, are under attack. While working on our 2017 Print Edition, we have been incredibly grateful to see that in our small corner of publishing, that is not true. Our writers have tackled difficult questions of personal perception, national identity, loss, heartbreak, and fear, yet they have also expressed hope, power, and compassion in ways we could not have anticipated when we were chosen as editors last spring.

Because our voices can’t express this as well as our writers, instead of writing about writing, we want to say how lucky we feel to have been a part of Quarto. It has been humbling to be a part of this community, to put together this publication, and to get to work with all of you. By providing a platform for Columbia’s incredible undergraduate voices, we hope to offer our community fresh, diverse perspectives on navigating a changing political landscape and understanding our roles here better.

We are tremendously proud of you - for writing, for reading, and for creating the Columbia’s creative community, which we have come to call home. Each month, we are as thrilled to see new faces at Quarto readings as we are to recognize familiar ones. Reading your work has made us laugh, break down, and even changed how we see the world. In this edition, we are excited to share the incredible pieces we have heard, read, and seen this year. Welcome to Quarto’s Spring 2017 Print Edition.

Yours always,
Emma Tueller Stone and Priyanka Mariwala
Editors in Chief



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