Quarto is the official undergraduate literary magazine of Columbia University’s Creative Writing Department. It is a student-run magazine that publishes the best of Columbia’s undergraduate writers from all four of Columbia’s undergraduate colleges. The Creative Writing Department provides support and a faculty advisor to the magazine, though the editorial board has representatives from a variety of academic fields across campus.

Quarto was created in 1948 and housed in the School of General Studies. In 1998, the magazine expanded to serve the entire undergraduate writing community. In 2007, with the creation of the Creative Writing Department, the magazine found its current home in an environment dedicated to excellence in writing and art.

Quarto has published Pulitzer Prize winners, the US Poet Laureate Louise Glück, best-selling authors such as Kim Wozencraft, successful playwrights like Adam Szymkowicz, poets, screenwriters, and art critics. Members of its editorial staff have gone on to start their own literary magazines and some, like Edwidge Danticat, have found literary success themselves.

What never changes is Quarto's dedication to promoting meaningful undergraduate writing and art at Columbia—and the proof can be seen every year printed in its pages.

The Quarto archives can be accessed here. The most recent issue of Quarto can be read here.


Quarto is dedicated to innovation—to finding fresh voices and exploring new opportunities to recognize writers—all in the effort to keep up with the ever-changing literary landscape on campus. Quarto is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and representing a diverse community of writers and artists.



Cameron Lee.jpg

Cameron Lee

is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Creative Writing and concentrating in Visual Arts. When she isn’t busy treating her plants like human children, she is most likely drawing otherworldly women, contemplating the unexplainable, or motivating herself to pursue her passions.
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Priya Pai

is a junior majoring in English Literature and Computer Science. She is from Sugar Land, Texas. She adores her parents, appreciates a good cup of coffee, and loves the sun. In the future, she hopes to travel as much as she can and write poetry along the way.
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Editorial Team

Sammy Caveny.jpg

Samantha Caveny - Community Outreach Editor

is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature and Society. Robert Frost is her favorite poet, largely because he is from her beautiful home state of New Hampshire. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys cooking paleo desserts and exploring the city.
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Erik Cera - Web Editor

is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in English and Computer Science. He loves melancholy desert drives, Frank Ocean, and bumping Lana Del Rey while rattlesnake hunting back home in New Mexico . In his free time he actively seeks spoilers for literally everything and disappointingly says “valar morghulis” to people he hopes will understand but never do.
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Anna Chavez.jpg

Anna Chavez - Copy Editor

is a sophomore from Colorado majoring in Creative Writing and Middle Eastern Studies. She loves reading, watching tv while she does homework, and breakfast food. When she was younger her doctor said she’d grow to be about 5’7”, and she’s slowly lost faith in medical professionals since then. If you buy her boba she’ll be your friend for life.
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Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 1.01.14 AM.jpg

Melissa Cook - Managing Editor

is a junior transfer to Columbia College majoring in English. She’s from sunny California and is enjoying getting lost every time she takes the subway. She loves animals, thinking of ways to dismantle power structures, and post-modern novels.
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Nick Gauthier - Community Outreach Editor

is a sophomore in Columbia College studying Philosophy with a concentration in Psychology. He enjoys reading, and thinking, and reading, and thinking, and writing down thoughts that seem to go everywhere and nowhere. He is a natural procrastinator at heart but has dreams of collecting his racing thoughts into a book one day.

Lily Ha (1).jpg

Lily Ha - Administrative Editor

is a sophomore in Columbia College. She will likely major in something that would require her to know what a mitochondria is. In her free time she enjoys rock climbing, admiring strangers’ tattoos, and attempting to recreate her mom’s Vietnamese recipes in Carlton Arms.

Sophie Lee.jpg

Sophie Lee - Social Media Editor

is a first-year in Columbia College with an inexplicable affinity for bees. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, she enjoys writing, improv, and eating fortune cookies for the taste. She has a few published poetry and prose pieces out there, somewhere. Her lifelong dream is for her dog, Dash, to achieve Instagram fame (@the.dash.life).
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Amanda_Ong copy.jpg

Amanda Ong - Managing Editor

is a junior in CC studying creative writing and ethnicity and race studies. She likes tea, turtlenecks, and once received a Columbia Crushes post that said, “I know your shirt in class today said ‘you were brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty’ but girl, *you’re* the epitome of beauty”.

Alison Peebles - Blog Editor

is running Quarto’s Blog & talking about how her sun and moon are in Leo. In her happiest place, she’s in a park in NYC on a sunny day, listening to Ms. Lauryn Hill, and drinking coffee. She loves books and music and vegetarianism and pursuing wellness in the fullest sense of the word.

Petru Rosu.jpg

Petru Rosu - Events Editor

is a freshman in CC planning to major in Philosophy and Anthropology. The most organized aspect of his life is his plan to become a more organized person. When he isn’t reading, writing, playing guitar, or listening to funky-jazzy music, you can spot him around NYC on his bike. He enjoys discovering new places, new people, and spots that serve good espresso. By the end of college, he wants to have a cool, snarky response to the question "So what will
you do with your degree after you graduate?”

Design Team

Charlie Blodnieks.jpg

Charlie Blodnieks - Head of Design

is a terrible beekeeper.


Mallory Evans - Art and Design Editor

is a freshman at Barnard College, and intends to either major in English or American Studies. From Charlotte, NC, when she's not doing yoga or reading, she can be found roaming the never-ending black hole that is Pinterest or listening to Kendrick Lamar.


Gisela Levy - Art and Design Editor

is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Talk to her about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, misconceptions about Chinese characters, how great Quarto is, or Buffy the Vampire the Slayer. Oops, did I say that twice? I meant to.


Sophie Levy - Art and Design Editor

joined Quarto’s team this year as an Art and Design Editor. She is a first-year student at Barnard College interested in Art History, Middle East Studies, and Jewish culture. She enjoys oil painting, learning new languages, and constantly trying to find the best bagel in NYC.

Katie Mimini.jpg

Katie Mimini - Art and Design Editor

is a senior majoring in Political Science and Philosophy who likes to procrastinate by reading articles on how to stop procrastinating and bookmarking recipes for baked goods she’ll never make. She doesn’t know what or who she wants to be when she grows up, but she tries to focus on becoming a little better with each passing day.


Dora O’Neill - Art and Design Editor

is a sophomore in Columbia College from Hungary and the U.K. She hopes to concentrate in Comparative Literature and Society. Her interests include translation, migration, and criminal justice reform. You can find her dog-watching in Morningside Park on Sunday mornings.
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Mitali Sharma (1).jpg

Mitali Sharma - Art and Design Editor

is a freshman in Columbia College pursuing an English major and a concentration in sustainable development. She can be found pondering the meaning of the current lunar phase, watching absurd amounts of NPR tiny desk concerts, or napping in the grass on a warm sunny day.

quarto prof pic copy.jpg

Iona Tan - Art and Design Editor

is a freshman in Columbia College majoring in God Knows What. Sometimes she strings sentences together for fun. Other times she stares at blurry shapes on the horizon and cries. She feels like a pretender trying to be real and it just might be the truest thing about her.

Staff Editors


Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman

is a junior at Barnard College majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is from downtown New York City, and is a die-hard Jenny Zhang fan, synesthete, astrology fiend, animal-lover, and textbook INFP. Hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, long walks in Riverside, and daydreaming at the wrong times. She is currently interning at the Asian American Writers' Workshop.
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TJ Gill.jpg

TJ Gill

is from Houston, TX. He’s a freshman in CC and planning to major in psychology and English. He was a part of his high school lit mag, and the opportunity to attend a "quarty" or "parto" is the thing he’s most excited for this year in Quarto.

Jane Paknia.jpg

Jane Paknia

is a first-year in CC interested in Creative Writing and Jazz Studies. She is from Connecticut but considers herself a Brooklyn girl since she lived there until she was seven. Enjoys jazz rap, Persian cuisine, and any color in between magenta and violet.

20708503_129964604285442_913787874278771116_n copy.jpg

Neeraj Ramachandran

is excited to join Quarto again this year as a staff editor. He is majoring in Linguistics, and is also passionate about problem-solving sustainable issues. In his free time, Neeraj tries to get outside, or stays in to catch up on movie recommendations.

Catherine valdez.jpg

Catherine Valdez

is a Senior in Columbia College completing degrees in creative writing and psychology. Her chapbook Imperial Debris in Quisqueya and Beyond was published in summer 2018 and is the winner of the NFSPS Florence Kahn Memorial Award. When she isn't writing, she enjoys book binding, drawing comics, and reading.


Tamarah Wallace

is a freshman in Columbia College and staff editor. She also spends her time as an Opinion editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator and a Student Executive for Community Impact. Furthermore, she has accepted statewide, regional, and district awards for her literature and has been published in the September 2017 Issue of the Blue Marble Review as well as by the Miami Montage program. Important note: she really likes cold noodles
and building sandcastles at the beach.


Quarto Magazine 2019

We were grateful to have incredible judges, including Spencer Reece, Anelise Chen, and Emily Gould, read amazing submissions from the Columbia community. Read our 2019 print edition here (enlarge to full screen to view best):

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to pick up a free copy of Quarto's Spring 2019 Print Edition in the undergraduate creative writing office in 609 Kent Hall.

Quarto 2018 Chapbook 

The winner of Quarto's annual Chapbook Contest: CAN THE SUBALTERN SHRIEK? by Mya Alexice

Read here (enlarge to full screen to view best): 

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to pick up a free copy of Quarto's 2018 Chapbook in the undergraduate creative writing office in 609 Kent Hall.


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